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Control (Panasonic only):
no image - too many viewers, improper resolution or misconfigured browser. Firefox recomended for viewing mjpg files.

MotionJPG cameras control
AXISCurrently no control is supported for Axis cameras (TO DO). You still can affect displayed image by changing its resolution, camera stream (if camera supports more than 1 - You can try ;), mJPG compression level (for uglier but smoother image, supports: 0-100), color level if You like to have everything in candy-like colors ;) [0-100], frame rate per second 'req_fps' (if your image is refreshing too fast or too slow, minimum 1). You can also check/uncheck color, text, clock and date to be displayed in camera image. Scale res option helps You to increase image resolution without altering camera resolution screen. If for example camera does not support higher resolution than 640x480, to further increase displayed image press "Zoom In". Now camera image of 640x480 pixels is scaled to 1280x960.
PANASONICYou can fully control panasonic by selecting one of 24 presets or by clicking controls below: move left, move right, move up, move down, zoom in, zoom out, horizontal camera scan, veritical camera scan, restore camera position, macro closer, macro farther, macro closer max, macro farther max, macro auto, darker image, brighter image, auto contrast. Additionally You can pick one of Quality levels (compression) to favor motion with uglier image, standard and favor quality but get lower framerate. You can also pick one of 8 resolutions. If camera supports maximum of 640x480 resolution but You want to see bigger image, click "Zoom In". Vua la you have 640x480 camera stream scaled to 1280x960 (2x). If camera does not move after selecting one of 24 presets, that means the preset is not available/saved for camera. When You click any of control the blue rectangle should appear near them. When it states 'Locked', that means the control is not available to use, when it's blank, camera should answer to clicked control.
You can pick one of 8 resolutions. Not all devices support high resolutions or resoluton changing.
OtherIf no control is displayed that means You have JAVASCRIPT turned off (if stated so) or camera stream is unknown type and can't be controlled by any of known ways.
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2016 - List is being updated again, new cameras are being added. Browse/search was split into a minified window that shows/hides content when double clicked. This window can be resized and moved across the screen. New big blue tooltip shows at the bottom of screen when the cursor is positioned on some element with tooltip available. Now Fit to browser size button positions browser scroll bars at the most top/left of the image, so that now You don't need to align scroll bars to have it displayed in Your browser set full size.
TODO: finish updating list, add HTML controls for Canon cameras that have Java applet dropped, add ASIC HTML controls when and if possible.

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