Sightseeing: China / Macao / Pui Ching / Middle School
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2016 - List is being updated again, new cameras are being added. Browse/search was split into a minified window that shows/hides content when double clicked. This window can be resized and moved across the screen. New big blue tooltip shows at the bottom of screen when the cursor is positioned on some element with tooltip available. Now Fit to browser size button positions browser scroll bars at the most top/left of the image, so that now You don't need to align scroll bars to have it displayed in Your browser set full size.
TODO: finish updating list, add HTML controls for Canon cameras that have Java applet dropped, add ASIC HTML controls when and if possible.

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Please note that all webcams on this site DO NOT BELONG TO ME. They are property of companies and individuals all around the world.
Every camera will have location and site link written above its screen (under construction...) to help viewers find topic they are interested in by watching and following 'Visit site' link, and to help owners display, sell their services or profit in any other way from displaying webcam and letting users visit their sites.


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